About I.F.S.E.


I.F.S.E., the only cooking school acknowledged as Italian Excellence by the General Secretary of the Italian Republic, is the most innovative school of Italian Cuisine and Pastry.

IFSE equipment and devices are at the forefront making the school unique among the others. The Laboratories, built with the most advanced technology and the best Made in Italy furniture, represent the perfect fusion between elegance and functionality.

In each cooking laboratory, students have their own space and their own equipment, guaranteeing them to work with comfort and efficiency at the highest levels.

Students are trained according to the principles of healthy cooking and the Mediterranean diet. They have the possibility to learn the secrets of the best International Chefs and increase their nutritional and agronomic knowledge, guided by qualified experts of the sector.

IFSE is not only a cooking school, it is also an educational center of the Italian Food and Wine Culture; as well as an International research center of high quality agricultural products, studyingtheir marketing and their processing. The school, in collaboration with other public and private companies, safeguards and promotes Italian high-quality nutrition and excellence restaurants through training courses, conferences, conventions and publishing projects.

Thanks to its several representative offices all over the world,IFSE promotes its food philosophy, which can be summarized in our claim “Good food for a better life”.

IFSE,in collaboration with food experts, culinary nutritionists and agronomists of International renown,aims to promote high quality education about Italian Cuisine and Pastry, as well as safeguard Italian Hospitality and Food and Wine Culture, focusing onthehealth related aspects of food.