Ugo Mura

foto-ugo-267x400-6986Wine expert, food products, and Italian traditional recipes are guiding the formation linked with enology, the EVO and typical traditional cuisine.

His teaching career begins in 2001 after numerous missions abroad as a teacher as well as business consultant for big firms operating in the Italian eno-gastronomic sector.

Currently, in addition of his teaching activity, Mr Mura follows the activity of counsellor in Italy and abroad. Furthermore, his presence as a wine expert at important fairs in Italy and abroad.

He is able to enchant all the IFSE students with his deep knowledge in the eno-gastronomic field. Last but not least, he has a stunning ability to promptly answer in such a wide way to every posed question.

Riccardo Marello

riccardo_marello-325x460-4060Director of IFSE Courses. Director and teacher of the professional course of Italian Kitchen.

He is an affirmed Chef of very high level in Italy and abroad. Not only as a Chef, but also as a responsible for the planning and the setting up of the kitchen complying with the current legal aspects of it. Moreover, responsible for the staff training of restaurants embodied in the Michelin guide.

Countless foreigners lectures and presences within events and gastronomic festivals in every part of the world where he always registers fully booked with his own creative recipes.

Russia, Vietnam, Spain, South America, are only few of the destinations that Mr Marello has touched, within the years.

Highly esteemed amongst IFSE students for his careful and attentive teaching method that makes him a big Maestro and a true professional guide.

Alfredo Russo

alfredo-russo-267x400-2474Many years of experience and the same willingness to experiment and to be innovative since he was 13 years old, the age of his “initiation” to the kitchen. A catering school attended with passion and then the ranking in various famous restaurant. This is how Alfredo Russo started his adventure into a world that teached him the haute cuisine that he has learnt how to revitalize with his own creations and his own dishes. An immaculate curriculum, crowned since the opening in 1990 Dolce Stilnovo, to whom have followed many awards. Today, after experiences and international participations, Alfredo, founds himself at the leading point of the internal restaurant of one of the most stunning Royal Residences. The Venaria Palace.

Roberto Carcangiu

roberto-carcangiu-285x330-3173Roberto Carcangiu is a professionist within the catering industry for over 30 years. He begins his career at a very young age, with a very long apprenticeship behind the scene of various kitchens, becoming initially first chef of various restaurants around the world some of whom starred. At the peak of his career he deepens the dynamics of the role of R&D Cooking Director establishing continuous cooperation’s of advice and research within realities of various kind. Today,
Mr Carcangiu is an R&D Cooking Director and teacher of the most well-known Italian and foreigner schools such as President of the Italian Association Profession Chefs.

Luciano Regaldo

luciano_regaldo-285x410-6181A very big passion handed down from his dad, Chef Luciano Regaldo Chef that pushes him to be a Maestro, not only in the kitchen, but in life as well. Specialised in traditional kitchen, he is initially the teacher at a Pinerolo Catering School “A. Prever”, where he teaches still today and since 1978 he is the conductor of “Ristorante del Gallo”. Very conservative of the old fashion flavours, but capable to integrate a little touch of modernity, amazing for his passion, his enthusiasm, but above all, his optimism.

Valerio Angelino Catella

valerio-catella-282x375-9961Originally from Piemonte, child’s art, grown up in the parents restaurant, after the catering school he begins his career as a cook around Europe. He is specialized in sugar and chocolate sculpture. In 2006 he wins a bronze medal among the pastry worldwide champions in Luxembourg. He is a careful resturateur and he is able to offer to his guests unique experiences and emotions through what his grandparents used to call the three C (cuore, charm, cultura) Hearth, Charm, Culture, always bearing in mind the big importance of history and traditions. A part from performing the activity as Chef in prestigious environments, Mr Regaldo is aslo a free-lance cook, teacher of gastronomic science as well as history cook teacher. He has founded a unique museum inside of the medieval Ricetto del Candelo village (BI), where he has gather old fashion kitchen and pastry tools.

Alessandro Neri

alessandro-neri-267x400-1316Born in Turin in 1980, undertook his Diploma at the Pinerolo catering school Arturo Prever.
Since his very young age, he engages himself in numerous experiences ranging from restaurants to hotels, from Valle d’Aosta to Basilicata stretching himself in Austria too. He subscribe himself to various training courses through the prestigious Brescia Cast Food where he becomes a perfectionist and very knowledgeable of the pastry subject, falling in love with the risen dough. Mr Neri than starts a cooperation with the Barilla Accademy in Parma. After an experience at the Majeure Lake, he than lands in Langa, at the Ciau del Tornavento under Maurilio Garola’s Leadership. After two years spent there, Alessandro decides not to travel any longer and to start his own path as s restaurateur, initially at the Barolo Winery cooperating with Gianni Gagliardo and now at the GrecAle in

Federico Zanasi

federico-zanasi-285x253-8050_cutSince 2012 he is the Chef at the “Principe delle nevi Hotel” in Cervinia . Starting with, Serramazzoni Catering School in Modena, following the Amerigo 1934 Restaurant, then USA, Spain and 9 years with Moreno Cedroni. La Madonnina del Pescatore and Il Clandestino were also visited. In 2012 he is also awarded during the Goodies Identities as the best Sous Chef of the year. In Mr Zanasi CV other various different experiences such as the launching of the “Maison Moschino Hotel” and the “Long Beach Resort” in Mauritius. Lastly, he lands in Val d Aosta at the “Snow Prince Hotel” and in the menu he puts dishes of his own creativity and his own immaculate technique.

Igor Macchia

igor-macchia-267x400-5665After the Catering School and few working experiences in Piedmont and Valle d’Aosta he lands at La Credenza Restaurant working along with Chef Giovanni Grasso. His presence in that restaurant has been broken up with training courses and various employments in other working realities in Italy and in Europe. Since 2004 he is the Manager of the Kitchen at “La Credenza Restaurant” in San Maurizio Canavese.

Giovanni Grasso

giovanni-grasso-285x387-6132Aggressive and Determined, Chef Giovanni Grasso, has very soon consecrated the birth of “La credenza” pushing it forward to become one of the most shining, stunning and promising Italian Tables. In the dishes, the combinations, never taken for granted in the menu. Tradition and innovation blended together into personal tastes that fascinates and amazes its guests, and in 2006 the award for the first Michelin star.

Recognized as exponent of Piedmontese excellence, La Credenza Restaurant has obtained rewards such as Gambero Rosso (1 fork), The Radiant Crown under Mr Paolo Massobrio leadership and last but not least, one hat (1.5) on the Expresso Guide.

Enrico Pivieri

enrico-1-425x445-7791Former student of the Professional course in Italian cuisine IFSE in 2010, has gained over many years experiences in the kitchen up to lead to an ambitious project of his own, the restaurant Al Cavallo Shaken to Asti, elegant restaurant, is distinguished by a “kitchen sought simplicity, “tied to the territory selected excellence, but at the same time dynamic and creative which also offer educational dinners, then wink at training. The Plovers Chef collaborating for some years also IFSE school and is distinguished by a strong communicative ability captivating students with artist dishes but tradition-bound.

Davide Comaschi

davide-comaschi-245x340-4822Pastry Master, one of the most well known in Italy and Worldwide champion of chocolate 2013. His biggest talent is that he knows how to blend the good dose of innovation and tradition to give birth of creations of taste and shape unique and faultless. In the pastry laboratory since the age of 13, his career is starred of successes awarded in Martesana Pastry in Milan. In 2008 Italian Champion of chocolate, in 2009 four golden medals at the Master of Chocolate in Italy. In 2010 Golden Medal of Chocolate category of Pastry Worldwide Cup, in 2011 Silver Medal at the Lyon Pastry Worldwide Cup , in 2013 Golden Medal of the Italian Siego of Rimini Chocolate Championship, Golden Medal at the Paris World Chocolate Master, other various medals and national and international recognition.

Davide Malizia

davide-malizia-330x500-7435Davide Malizia is the artistic sugar Maestro, Worldwide campion in 2013.
After having undertaken professional pastry schools all over the word, Mr Malizia specializes himself along with others international Maestros in the making of artistic Sugar up to a very high level.
As a knock on effect, in 2006, he wins the wins the worldwide championship in Luxembourg with four golden Medals. In 2008 he wins the worldwide championship in Stoccarda with six golden medal as well as gaining the title of absolute in his category.
In the same year, he wins the golden medal at the Elfurt Olympics for the artistic sugar.
In 2010 he is one of the component of the national Italian Pastry Worldwide Cup and he gains the title of the best cake in the world 2010.
In 2013 in Rimini, he wins the world wide championship of Artistic Sugar in Juniors Pastry as the coacher of the Italian Team.

Alessandro Del Trotti

alessandro-de-trottiThe Love for this craft, is in his thoughts since he was a child, so that after college, he sets off for the white art in Torino. After years of apprenticeship dedicate himself, at his own workroom making it its own passion that highlight himself in Costigliole d’Asti.
Played off from the winning of some national and international awards in 2004, his own activity receives the prestigious title from Piedmonte Region recognizing the Excellence of Artisan Enterprises for what it concerns the production of Sweet and Salty Pastry, gelato and chocolate.
The willingness for growth and improvements, pushes Mr Del Trotti to undertake various training courses. Teacher of Pastry Courses and Cake Design for Conpait, where he is accountable for the Piedmonte Region.
At Sigep 2014 is a jury member for Saniores and Juniores Championship.

Francesco Favorito

favorito-330x496-7660After having worked since the age of 15 in the famous family pastry shop, in 1983 he attend a Sigep competition in Rimini, reaching the second position in the juniores category. In 1987 he starts his experience and his passion around the world, travelling In Italy and abroad as a consultant and demonstrator. In 1998 he becomes consultant of a well-known multinational within the Pastry and planning sector and at the same time he decides to crown his dream of a life-time, being self-employed and open his own pastry shop. In 2003 he begins his path in the Catering School ‘A. Casagrande’ of Terni as a Pastry teacher. In the same year together with a group of artisan pastry friends, he becomes the Artistic Director of a famous event ‘Cioccolentino’ that takes places for Valentine’s day. He participates to very famous TV shows. In 1999 he takes care of food allergy and he develop himself in GLUTEN FREE products. Since 2007he teaches in the most prestigious school National and International. He is the writer of four successful books, that looks after mother yeasts and “free from allergies”

Dario Hartvig

dario-hartvig-379x381-8783Pastry chef of Turin, he has a wide experience in putting forward singular creations, with the constant research and knowledge of the row material. In the morning at school, in the afternoon in the laboratory, he starts from a very young age his first steps in the sweet kingdom. Years spent in the best pastry shops in Italy and abroad are forging him for the big step and in 1997 he opens his own pastry in Turin, but his evolution continues with training courses and the development of sweet and salty pastry in the Ho.Re.Ca Marketing Field.

Since the first few years VIP’s customers starts to float around him in the famous Italian jet set and also few “Royal Names”. And then exclusive events like the Winter Olympics in 2006and lastly, the official invitation for the Russian delegation to prepare the exclusive dish for the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2006.

Chiara Patracchini

chiara-patracchini-330x495-1731She lands at “La Credenza” at the age of 17 and thanks to Giovanni Grasso leadership and the careful Igor Macchia guidance, she finds her way in the kitchen.
Today, Chiara Patracchini (1982), shares her knowledge between being a Pastry Chef as well as a Sous Chef in San Maurizio Canavese Restaurant. In her career, she has matured a lot of experiences abroad giving her the chance of working along with big names of pastry to an international level.
She was born as a kitchen chef but her precision and her passion leads her to get closer and closer to the pastry world that celebrates her as a Pastry chef without denying her own origins and her love at first sight for the kitchen.
Saffron Awards 3 Cooks.

Lorenzo Zuccarello


Born in Turin on November 4, 1978, he attended the hotel management school Giuseppina Colombatto of Turin, the 3rd year he received a scholarship and finally graduated with excellent grades.
After various work experiences both in Italy and abroad and after attending several specialization courses in the best schools of Italy, at 23, in 2001, along with her sister opens her business. Initially the shop with its lab focuses on the production of chocolate and fresh pastries. In addition to its activities in this period, Lorenzo takes part in numerous competitions at the national level. In 2008 he won the prize “The Best Pieces of Italy” in the ICAM trophy at Sigep in Read more

Gianluca Franzoni

gianluca-franzoni-330x458-1155Founder and President of Domori S.r.l.
Gianluca Franzoni is the President of his own company established in 1997: Domori S.r.l.
After the studies in Economy, from 1991 to 1993 he develops himself in the activity of Management Consultant.
In 1993 Gianluca Franzoni, discovers Venezuela. Having left for very different reasons, he is a farmer’s guest and as soon as he gets there, he falls in love with the place and decides to stay there for three years. Here he comes across of various prestigious species of cocoa and by falling in love he starts practical experiments of post-harvest finalized at the conservation of biodiversity in order to prevent the extinction of prestigious cocoa such as Criollo.
In 1994 he deepens the study of fine cocoa defining the first tasting code in the world.
In 1995 he dedicates himself at the recovery of Criollo cocoa applying the technique of micro fermentation.
Read more

Giovanni Abbo

giovanniabbo-253x355-8589National President of the Corporation of Oil Masters.
Prestigious association amongst producers and experts of the oil market.
Giovanni is a producer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil since five generations.
Mr Abbo is a National Oil and Olive Taster. He is therefore called nationally and internationally to teach tasting techniques to cooks, to production personnel, production sales as well as its own fans that are significantly growing each year.

Piero Rainone


School Director, Director and teacher of Master Pastry Design, Italian Cooking, Food Style and Creative Pastry. He is a specialist in organizing big events and buffets.
In his career he has had numerous experiences teaching in Brazil, China, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Russia, India, North America, and Germany. Mr Rainone has also cooperated in the drafting of various books cooperating for the Food Publisher.

Affiliated to the Italian Association of Professional Chefs, Piero is a member of Ordre International Des Disciples D’Auguste Escoffier since 2006.

IFSE Piero’s students are very much fond of him and his remarkable peculiar teaching methods, very direct but very effective as well. He is able to bewitch any kind of public that his interacting with.

Wendy Elena Bosca


Daughter of Master Pastry Chef Sergio Bosca, who was awarded the Excellence Artigiana Piemontese and founder of the homonymous pastry of Canelli (AT), Elena grew up in a magical world, who knows chocolate and caramel apples. Gradually born curiosity (which soon becomes pure passion) for sugar and the art of the typical American and Anglo-Saxon tradition decoration. He lives in London and New York for some time where he makes his secrets of the international pastry, combining them with the excellent Piedmontese ingredients, the tradition of the Langhe and the experience that Father Sergio and mother Michelina know how to put in their every creation. In 2012 he opened his own Cake Shop in Turin where it joins the tastes and traditional ingredients, new recipes and the art of cake design. In 2013 he recorded his first television program “My cake design- The sugar battle” Read more