Laura Ballesio

laura-ballesio-330x355-6026Having worked as book keeper for 10 years, Laura undertook a Degree in Science of Education. Having developed a strong passion for painting, art, and cooking, Laura decided to convey all the three in in one unique art; cake design. Transforming it in a true job co-working with pastry shops of Turin and its surroundings areas.
In order to gain major knowledge and competencies, Laura moves to London to study at the Peggy Porshen Accademy. She will than acquire a master in cake design in London and consequently a master in traditional Pastry at IFSE.
The experiences and the competencies gained, will open many doors for Laura that will than work in few of the most important pastry shops of Turin and its neighbourhood.
As a knock on effect, Laura is the victory of various national and international awards.