Professional programs

Professional course in italian cuisine

Corso di cucina italiana

The aim of the professional course in Italian cuisine is to provide high-level educational training about Italian cuisine, starting from its cooking fundamentals.
The course offers a well-structured program concerning all the matters and aspects of the Italian cuisine, paying the utmost attention to the practical cooking training, especially in the advanced stage of the course when the students will be able to manage a full menu, the kitchen and its foodstuffs autonomously.

Duration: 1200 hours   –   Price: 9450,00 €


Master Pastry Ambassador

The course aims at training pastry cooks able to meet the needs of professionals and owners of businesses of the food-service industry.  At the end of the course students will be able to carry out basic pastry preparations and will acquired the techniques of the new trends in modern pastry, paying the utmost attention to the correct use of food products. Furthermore, the students will acquire knowledge concerning food safety matters and relevant sanitary regulations. They will also acquire a good knowledge of the history and culture of Italian regional pastry traditions.


 Duration: 1200 hours   –   Price: 9.850,00 €


Professional cook course


The course aims at training beginners, amateurs or who want to approach the Italian cuisine.
During the course the students will learn Italian cuisine fundamentals, starting from cutting vegetables and preparing mother sauces until create full dishes from scratch. The purpose is to bring into the cuisine world all those who want to undertake this path.


Duration: 160 hours   –   Price: 2.950,00 €